More people are moving away from cities and onto homesteads. In this self-sustaining lifestyle, homesteaders grow their own food, can or freeze it, heat their home with firewood, and build their own shelters to name a few things. Horses can be a valuable addition to these farms, especially draft types.

Horses and Homesteading

Most people consider horses and riding a hobby, but former generations relied on horsepower much more. There are countless benefits to having them on your farm…

  • Their manure can be composted for your garden.
  • Horses can pull logs.
  • With their strength, they can easily haul things around the homestead for you.
  • They can work and move cattle.
  • You can ride them around the ranch and mend fences or check on livestock.
  • Farmers are able to plow fields for growing crops.
  • You can eliminate tractors, tillers, and other equipment. Horses are more environmentally friendly than fossil-fuel burners.
  • Riding is great exercise and fun!
  • They can teach children about responsibility on the farm.
  • Their grazing makes mowing easier.
  • They’re wonderful companions to other animals and people.

Most horse owners will agree that they’re a joy to have on the farm. The work may be difficult, but the reward is worth it.