You’ve probably seen your fair share of peppermint treats at the barn. They’re a favorite among horses! If you’d like to get the most benefits out of peppermint, then you should try the essential oil though. It’s popular in the aromatherapy world.

Top Benefits of Peppermint

  1. Soothes an achy stomach and helps with digestive issues
  2. Cools sore muscles and joints
  3. Opens the airways and promotes a healthy respiratory system
  4. Reduces or alleviates a cough
  5. It can perk up or energize a tired horse
  6. Aids in relaxing a stressed horse
  7. Repels insects on your horse and in the barn
  8. Treats dandruff when combined with shampoo
  9. Creates a fresh aroma around the barn
  10. When infused into treats, it becomes a tasty reward

Depending on the symptoms your horse is having, peppermint oil can be applied along their spine, chest and joints. It can also be defused into the air or ingested through grain or treats.