Round Pen
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Many professional trainers encourage the use of round pens. They’re especially helpful when starting horses and beginner riders. This smaller, confided space can be much easier to work in compared to a larger arena or open field. If you’ve been on the fence about getting one, then check out these amazing benefits!

Why You Should Use a Round Pen

Encourages Relaxation

Without corners, your horse is free to move around and around. Corners stop the energy flow! In a round pen, your horse is likely to calm down quicker. You can keep them moving until they exhibit key signs, such as lowering their head or licking and chewing.

Round pens also give the rider a chance to relax. They’re able to communicate with their horse in a smaller space and work out the kinks.

Evaluate the Horse

Trainers are able to examine their horse at liberty. They can study their movement and temperament. This can be helpful when looking at a horse to purchase or evaluating a horse for soundness. The trainer can also identify areas of weakness, such as stiffness to the left.

Build a Relationship

Round pens are good for working on the ground and in the saddle. Many natural horsemanship trainers establish respect and trust within these smaller confides. This may include putting on pressure and then releasing it. It also gives owners the opportunity to study their horse’s body and develop effective communication.

Like any training tool, round pens can be misused. It’s essential you develop good techniques and understand how to use this smaller space properly. Ultimately, they can be very helpful!

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