"Cowgirl Magazine" - Trail Riding Benefits

"Cowgirl Magazine" - Trail Riding Benefits

Trail riding is a fun discipline that gets the horse and rider out of the arena and into the wide open. Typically, riders lead their horse through designated trails found in the woods. They might also take their horse across open fields, through streams, and along back roads. If you haven’t hit the trails on horseback, you’re missing out on a good time! Check out these benefits.

5 Benefits for the Rider

  1. Build confidence in new environments
  2. Enjoy a low-stress discipline without competition
  3. Socialize with barn friends
  4. Experience the wilderness, such as birds, deer, and flowers
  5. Increased stamina with long, extended rides

5 Benefits for the Horse

  1. Learn how to maneuver through various obstacles
  2. Build a topline by going up and down hills
  3. Become more responsive to aids
  4. Trust the rider
  5. Get out of the arena and experience new scenery

Riders and their horses practice new skills that would be hard to master in the arena while riding on the trail. It offers a change of pace, and it’s a fun way to relax and have a good bonding experience. It’s no mystery that the trail riding industry has millions of participants.

Are you ready to saddle up and go for a trail ride? You’ll reap the benefits.

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