Wedding beer burros continue to grow in popularity. Is anyone actually surprised? In certain states, such as Arizona, there are business owners who specialize in providing burros for weddings.

One such business, owned by Derek and Vanessa Rice, is dedicated to making weddings extra special with the addition of quality burros, “We spent a long time searching high and low for our burros.  Finding a donkey that is trainable and receptive to the sights and sounds of the unique venues to which we’re invited is an attribute that is not uniquely donkey. We invested many hours working with our burros so that the end result is a fun, safe, and festive atmosphere for you and your guests.  The burros love going to the different events and weddings – they eagerly hop into the trailer and are ready to go with a positive attitude that translates into a unique experience for all.”

Photo by Amy & Jordan Photography.

Check out Mija, Dinero, Diego, and Burrito in action. Yes, those are their names and they are amazing.

Photo by Brianna + Logan.
Photo by Andrew Jade Photography.
Photo by Elyse Hall Photography.
Photo by Jonnie + Garrett Wedding Photographers.
Photo by Wilson & Henry Photography.
Photo by Trisha Shelley Photography.