Saddle Pad
Best Ever Saddle Pad Cowgirl Magazine
Pad with turquoise scrolled floral wear leathers.

Once you find the perfect saddle pad, half your battle is over! Saddle pads need to support the saddle and ensure a proper fit. They can help distribute the weight of your saddle evenly. With all the fun colors, unique designs, and practical materials it can be hard to narrow down the right saddle pad. However, Rockn’ Wilsons literally has the best ever pad.

Their unique collection is actually designed by Best Ever. The pads are durable, firm, and extremely breathable. They’re 100% needle punched wool. Most are available in 1″ or 3/4″ thickness.

Which one should you pick?

Everyday Work: 1″ OG Wool Saddle Pad
Barrel Racing: 3/4″ OG Wool Saddle Pad
Average Withers: 1″ OG Wool Saddle Pad
Team Roping/Ranch Rodeo: 1″ OG Wool Saddle Pad with a Navajo

Best Ever Saddle Pad, starting at $189.99; Rockn’ Wilsons
Pad with cream/gold gator wear leathers.
Pad with red monster gator wear leathers.
Pad with purple mystic wear leathers.
Pad with brown fleur de lis wear leathers.