Instructors, mentors, and trainers are usually more than willing to share some advice to those just beginning or newer to the sport of riding. It doesn’t matter what discipline you ride, these words of wisdom are universal. Be kind and share this advice with your fellow equestrians.

Some of the best advice I have been given:

  • Set goals for yourself: Write down a few goals that you hope to achieve both short-term and long-term. It helps to sit down and really think about them.
  • Be patient: Don’t beat yourself up for not reaching overnight success, rather give you and your horse time to grow and learn together.
  • Keep the passion alive: Never lose your love for horses! Be wary of making it all about ribbons or money. Quality time spent bonding with your horse is one of the greatest things you can do.
  • Practice makes perfect: With determination, you and your horse can accomplish your biggest dreams. Keep working at it!
  • Tack up your own horse: It’s more than just tacking up… you can learn a lot by grooming, stall cleaning, feeding, and saddling your own horse. Try to avoid just showing up to ride.
  • Work with a professional: It’s such a good idea to work with an instructor or trainer. They can see things that a newbie can’t.
  • Videotape yourself: Ask a friend to videotape you riding. This can be a great way to reflect on your skills and see what you can improve on.
  • Avoid gossip: This piece of advice is very important at boarding barns and around showgrounds. Stop yourself before you even think about badmouthing someone.

This is just a handful of helpful tips I have received. What about you? What’s the best advice you have been given in the horse world?

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