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Life on a ranch isn’t always easy for horses. It can require long hours under saddle! Ranchers need horses with strong work ethics, obedient dispositions, and solid builds. Though any breed can potentially find themself on a ranch, there are certain ones that seem to dominate the field. These horses have proven over the years that they belong there!

Top Ranch Horse Breeds

  1. American Quarter Horse: Not only do they have great cow sense, but they are tough work horses. They’re fast, versatile, and very trainable.
  2. Arabian: This breed combines speed, endurance, and trainability to create the perfect horse. They can chase down cattle and cut on the ranch.
  3. Clydesdale: Draft breeds like the Clydesdale and Shire are extremely strong. They’re also known as gentle giants. Their wonderful temperaments make them a joy to be around.
  4. Morgan: They’re easy keepers and versatile. On the ranch, they can handle a range of jobs!
  5. Mustang: This breed is sure-footed and hardy. They can handle any environment!

You can learn more by watching this video on ranch horses.

The Quarter horse is usually a favorite, but there are definitely other breeds worth considering.