bex sunglasses cowgirl magazine

bex sunglasses cowgirl magazine

I know by now most folks have heard of Bex Sunglasses. They first made their name when ropers raved about their lightweight frames that stay put when riding. Well ladies, barrel racers, pole benders, and ropers of all kinds…get psyched! You can have your own pair (instead of stealing your boyfriend’s). I think it’s been quite a bit overlooked but Bex has had a women’s line for quite some time now. Check out the styles below and find your perfect pair!

First and foremost, these are a personal favorite. I love rose gold and LOVE aviators (seriously though, been rockin’ the same pair for about four years now) and these Bex Wesley’s are both.

Are you more of a retro girl? make a statement in these amber Ryann’s.

Ole faithful and classic as ever. That lightweight feel, sleek look, and ability to stay put will never go out of style.

Okay y’all listen: Do not forget to register your new sunglasses online! I’ve been preachin’ it to the folks that come in the various western stores I’ve worked at for years. It protects against defects in materials and workmanship. That being said, it does not mean they’ll give you a brand spankin’ new pair if your heeler ran them 0ver in the practice pen when they fell off the chute. Happy ropin’ y’all!