bex sunglasses cowgirl magazine

bex sunglasses cowgirl magazine

Normally, cowboys leave the fashionista duties to their ladies. However, I must give credit where credit is due! A couple weeks ago, I featured Bex sunglasses for ladies, and I must thank some fashion-forward cowboys for teaching me about the high-quality products that Bex has to offer, including an excellent line of sunglasses for men.

Much like the Carsyn III, pictured above, each pair of shades exudes style without sacrificing any durability. If your man hasn’t beaten you to the punch, he could definitely use a pair!

This is the original style I first remember seeing in the arena. The ultimate purpose of the Salerio II is to accommodate speed. The featherlight and almost non-existent weight will have you forgetting these shades are even on your face, while the rest of the frame is designed to stay securely in place no matter what you’re dong. So cowboys, whether you’re roping calves in the arena like Shane, or branding and doctoring them in the pasture, Bex is for you!

The Rockyt is a slightly more contemporary and hipster style than the previous pair pictured, but these sunglasses still have all of the durability associated with the original Bex trademark.

Prefer a sleeker style on your man? He can sport the Shuyk and rock the perfect combination of leisure and sport use.

The heavy-duty Bex Ranger is a classic square aviator; it’s perfect for those that love the old school style.

Cowboys sure have a knack for tearing things up, don’t they? The Ghavert II has military grade polarized lenses and a durable yet lightweight, flexible frame.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of Bex sunglasses, click here.