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Rios of Mercedes, Anderson Bean, Olathe, HorsePower, and Macie Bean Boots are all their own individual boot brand, but they’re actually a part of the same family!

Rios of Mercedes was started 1853. They specialize in handmade boots for everybody from suit-wearing businessman to the working cowboy. They are known as the premier boot brand in the western industry. They use leathers that range from calfskin to Nile crocodile and import these from the finest tanneries all across the globe.

Anderson Bean was started in 1989 with the goal of creating a high-quality boot at a more competitive and affordable price point without sacrificing quality. The Anderson Bean line has become the most popular line and have caused many customers to sign on as lifetime fans. They are known for the wild colors, intricate designs, and are the frontrunners when bringing the newest and most popular leather to the market.

Olathe was purchased in 2001 and moved production from Olathe, Kansas down to the Rio Grande Valley soon after. Olathe is known for being the working man’s boot. From the feedlot cowboy to roughstock riders, this brand is definitely a favorite. During the revamp in 2016, polo boots and lace-up packer style were added to the line.

HorsePower and Macie Bean were started in 2009 and they are handcrafted in Leon, Mexico. The goal with these two brands was to mirror the interaction of Anderson Bean and attack another price point in the market.

Generally, these boots are very flashy and display quality exotic prints. HorsePower is geared towards men and Macie Bean is geared towards women and displays plenty of embroidery and other fun details.

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