Photos courtesy of @beyondthe.canvasbyyaya on Instagram.……

Hats aren’t just hats to me, I call them crowns!” 

Yaya, owner of Beyond the Canvas by Yaya, is most famously known for her “original thick painted crowns (hats).” She elevates hats to a new level by creating 3d effects with thick paint. Her designs include florals, animals, moons, cacti… anything which strikes her! 

Yaya finds inspiration from everywhere, explaining, “My Mexican and Vietnamese culture, food, travel, people, etc; everything inspires me. I can not paint fast enough!”

Each hat is unique, with only a select few that are similar. They can be worn or used as decoration! 

When asked if she had a favorite hat, she replied, “All of them. Each piece is a part of me and I love all of me. When I create I truly paint from the heart.” 

Yet, she doesn’t just paint on hats. Yaya demonstrates, ”I paint on EVERYTHING. The world is my canvas.” And that it is! 

The paint she uses for her 3D effect is her trade secret. 

Outside of hats, she does have a favorite piece. “My mom who is an artist herself collaborated with me on a painting. That painting holds a special place in my heart,” describes Yaya. She is also partial to her murals. 

She also has begun painting toilet seats, proving, “when I say the world is my canvas I really mean it.”

Interested in more? Her website has her available pieces and more information.