See Why Big Sky Mohair Cinches Are A Must Have

Cinches have never looked so good!

November 08, 2018

Cinches don’t have to be boring, thanks to Big Sky Mohair Cinches!

“Big Sky Mohair Cinches was born out of necessity- a horse at the therapeutic riding program where they work required a 42″ cinch- a tough size to find! Their goal is to create a highly useable piece of tack that is as functional as it is beautiful.” – Big Sky Mohair Cinches

In addition to being both functional and attractive, the mohair cinches are of the highest quality, “Mohair comes from the Angora Goat; a highly sought-after fiber, it is the choice of many riders across all disciplines. Oftentimes, large companies blend mohair with wool (because of the high cost of 100% mohair cord compared to a wool blended cord). We only use 100% Mohair on our cinches.” – Big Sky Mohair Cinches

Enjoy browsing through these beauties!

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