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There’s no reason for your horse to be uncomfortable from nasty bit rubs! Cowgirls can protect the corners of their horse’s mouth with customizable bit guards. Not only do they help the mouthpiece from sliding around, but they also prevent those awful pinches. Your horse will become a more willing partner and stop fussing so much. Check out these babies!
Bit Guards, $18.00-$20.00; Magic’s Customized Tack
There are so many colors and patterns to choose from! If you don’t see one you like, feel free to put in an order for a custom one. These guards are offered with a rubber or leather backing. Just outside Reno, Nevada, Magic’s Customized Tack offers shipping worldwide. They have top quality tack products that are designed the way you want them. Why not try one of their stylish bit guards and have your horse feeling his best?