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Bit Warmer by SSCEquine on Etsy……

Brrr… It’s cold outside! Your horse’s metal bit is likely freezing to the touch. If you want to be kind to them, then you’ll warm it up before you put it in their mouth. Some may rub it between their hands or blow hot air on it, but there’s a better solution- bit warmers! They’ll warm up your horse’s bit while you tack up.

Bit Warmers

Choose from these beautiful blue fabrics. Each one is stuffed with rice. You simply put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and wrap it around your horse’s bit.

Reusable Bit Warmer, $13.50, ABitPatterned

These cool designs have cowgirl vibes! The fabric is flannel and fleece. These are also stuffed with rice.

Reusable Bit Warmer, $13.50, ABitPatterned

This cool aztec warmer comes with refillable and washable pouches. You can fill them with rice, corn, or flaxseed. Warm up the pouches and insert them into the pockets. It’s that easy!

Bit Warmer, $19.41, TheStitchingHorse

Pick from a collection of colors like black, purple, and blue. This unique option instructs you to put the heat pack in boiling water for a few minutes.

Bit Warmer with 2 Heat Packs, $29.99, Changeyourfashion

A cold bit isn’t just uncomfortable to your horse, but it can actually damage the mucosa in their mouth. Be considerate and warm them up!