Cowgirl - Gator

Cowgirl - Gator

Black gator tack is something everyone has their eyes on. No matter what color your horse is, this tack promises to give you both the elegance you deserve. You’ll be glad you took the plunge with one of these sleek sets!

Black Gator Embossed Leather, $150-$325; Rockn’ Wilsons.

This classy breast collar and headstall set have genuine Swarovski crystals that add just the right amount of bling. This was made for cowgirls that like a little sparkle!

Black Gator inlay with Black & Rose Gold Fringe, $225-$465; Rockn’ Wilsons.

This set is all about the fringe and crystals. Built on quality Harmon Oak leather, this tack is more than just good looking. It’s durable and prepared to withstand your toughest rides.

Black Gator with Feather and Red Fringe, $145-300; Rockn’ Wilsons.

Bring on the fire with this red and black tack set. The little details on the breast collar and headstall make it worth every cent. It’s one of a kind!

Black Gator w/ Arrow Heads and Rim Sets, $150-$350; Rockn’ Wilsons.

There’s no reason you can’t add a little color to black leather. The golden, turquoise, and brown gems make this set worth owning.

Black Gator on Light Oil Leather, $165-$375; Rockin’ Wilsons.

The light oiled leather is a change from the usual dark. It suits the black overlay nicely! The breast collar is available with or without fringe. The collection is custom made with top quality materials.

Where are all of my sassy cowgirls at? These collections were made for girls like you! Don’t just ask, but demand attention when you put one of these breast collars and headstalls on your horse.