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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani just released the video for their new song, “Happy Anywhere.”

The song is all about making the best of any situation and how love can bring happiness to any scenario. “I swear, I could be happy anywhere with you,” chants the chorus.

The music video is a compilation of the couple’s quarantine life, from car rides to boat times. Plus, we get to see the pair’s silly side as Blake plays guitar next to a dancing Gwen in a cornfield.

Blake made a statement about “Happy Anywhere” in relation to today’s trying times:

“Even though Gwen and I just had a single out we decided that, under the circumstances, this year… man, there’s never been a better time for ‘Happy Anywhere,’” Shelton said in his statement. “We’ve all been in quarantine and lockdown, and hopefully we’ve been doing that with somebody that we really love and enjoy being around. That’s what happened with Gwen and me this summer — and this entire year.”

“Happy Anywhere” is available for streaming here.

This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten something amazing from Blake and Gwen during quarantine. Back in March, the couple did a quarantine photo shoot, and it was kind of fabulous. Only time will tell what else quarantine brings for this musical couple!