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Photo courtesy of @blaze_t_22 Instagram……

One of our favorite bubbly blonde bombshells, Blaze Taylor, broke the internet with these stunning photos of herself in her cow print bikini collaboration with Beaches and Buckles.

Beaches and Buckles is known for swimwear fit for a cowgirl—cow print, cacti, thunderbirds, fringe, and more, all on bathing suits! Their latest release, Dimestore Cowgirl, was designed in collaboration with Blaze Taylor, content creator and industry-wide brand rep.

The suit combines denim and black-and-white cow prints for an edgy, western look. The criss-cross top is super flattering for the waist, as are the high-waisted, belted bottoms.

“I was honestly so surprised when they [Beaches and Buckles] asked me to collaborate with them!” says Blaze. “When I was thinking of what design I wanted, I looked at some of the different style of suits to help me decide. Once I decided on the wrap around style, I picked out the print, which of course is cow print and denim, two of my favorite things!  They sent me different patterns of the prints to choose from and once we decided what we thought looked the best, I waited for the sample.”


“I was nervous about how it would come out as I’ve never designed a piece of clothing,” she continues, “but I am very pleased with how it turned out and the response from everyone was better than I had hoped. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with Beaches and Buckles. They are so talented and the gals behind the brand are so kind-hearted.”

Back in July, prior to the suit’s reveal, Blaze actually gave her followers a sneak peek of the collab in early July, without revealing the origins of her “top,” and her followers were in love; just check the comments!

Blaze’s official collab launch photos are just jaw dropping.

“For the photos, I wanted a way to show the swimsuit but also keep the fun western vibes!” she says. “I have seen western swimsuit photos from people like @westdesperado and others that helped to inspire me! I also created a mood board from Pinterest and then went from there. I didn’t have a photographer lined up, so my roommate and I went out to our barn and took them on her phone and I am more than happy with the vibe and outcome of the pictures to show off the suit!”

The day after her iconic Instagram bikini post broke the internet, Blaze gushed over her audience’s response. “I truthfully cannot thank you guys enough for the support and the amount of kind messages I got from all my insta friends, made my day!” she wrote on Instagram.


If you know Blaze, then you know she’s got the bubbliest of personalities, she’ll keep you laughing, and is quite the hand in the arena! Can’t wait to see what this girl does next!

Blaze Taylor’s collab with Beaches and Buckles can be preordered on August 9th at