bleacher babe family newborn cowgirl magazine
bleacher babe family newborn cowgirl magazine
Photo courtesy of Asher Layne.

Brianna Bigbee, widely known as the Bleacher Babe, has a new little helper! Payson Colter Bigbee made his entrance into the world in August 2018, and the Bigbee family is over the moon!

On August 27, 2018, Brianna said, “I can’t even put into words how amazing it feels to officially be parents. At 4:11 PM we welcomed the most precious and beautiful baby boy to the world. He’s currently getting a bath by his Daddy. He has a head FULL of dark brown hair and is seriously the sweetest baby. He’s so curious and just looks around without making a peep. Dr. Hurd and his staff were absolutely wonderful. I can’t thank them enough for taking care of us. We are exhausted and will touch base with everyone once we get settled and rested. Thank you all for the love! I’ll be sharing more pics soon once he is cleaned up. With that being said, Cole Bigbee and I would like to introduce to you our son, Payson Colter Bigbee. 08|27|18 ? 7.8 lbs ? 22.5 in long.”

After settling in for a few months with her new little bundle of joy, she says, “I’m taking a few steps back to focus on my family. I’m still bleacher babe-ing it up, but just from the sidelines now and I have some help from my little cowboy! I love being a mommy and can’t wait to have more! People can follow more of my home life as a mommy on @briannabigbee.”

Cujo is loving having a new baby brother!

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