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Blown Away by Blinged Out Boots


Blown Away by Blinged Out Boots "It's a cord from heaven; me, God, and my boots." -Jacqi Bling

bling blinged boots cowgirl magazine

Courtesy of Wofford Photography.

I am a firm believer that a girl can never have too many boots! How many cowgirls agree?

There are so many boots currently on the market, which is why I am always searching for the most unique, cream of the crop boots that can be purchased.

I recently found what I have been searching for when I came across Jacqi, the mastermind behind Jacqi Bling, and her fabulous boots. Each pair of boots that Jacqi crafts are all blinged out to perfection; get ready to be blown away! Also, before we continue on, can we just appreciate the above picture that features some knockout mermaid boots?

The creator of these stunning boots is quite the inspirational woman. She began her path to bling in Sweetwater, Texas, in 2001 with her fashionista mother that urged her to chase her dreams. With her sights set on opening a cutting edge fashion boutique, plans got put on hold when her mother passed away the day before they were supposed to meet with a contractor. Not one to be discouraged or disheartened, Jacqi prayed over a pair of boots she had blinged for direction and clarity. Ten years later, Jacqi’s prayers were answered when a mother discovered that same perfect pair of boots for her daughter to wear at a pageant. Today, Jaqui Bling boasts a top-tier client list.

Check out some of Jacqi’s beautiful boots below; you’ll fall in love!

jacqi bling blinged out boots cowgirl magazine

These are some show stoppers! I can’t get over how perfect the colors all work together on these boots. Can you imagine all of the different outfits that could be paired with these beauties?

jacqi bling blinged boots cowgirl magazine

Elizabeth Taylor and “diamonds are forever” instantly come to mind when I look at these gorgeous kicks. This design has such a classic feel to it!

jacqi bling blinged boots cowgirl magazine

How precious is this? These boots are a must have for any dog lovers!

jacqi bling blinged boots cowgirl magazine

These are absolutely darling. I can’t imagine the hours our creative gal must have spent ensuring that the fade color scheme was absolutely perfect.

jacqi bling blinged boots cowgirl magazine

Can’t you just picture yourself waltzing down the aisle in these? I have always wanted a floor-length overdramatic wedding dress, but these boots are making me want something shorter so I could show them off!

jacqi bling blinged boots cowgirl magazine

Tell me ladies, how in the world could you go wrong with fringe and Swarovski crystals? You can’t!

jacqi bling blinged boots cowgirl magazine
These boots need to be in my closet! I love the elegance of them.

To find out how to get your own boots covered in bling, contact Jacqi Bling HERE.

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