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Most people know my style to be wild, crazy, and FULL of bright colors…and they would be correct! However, I ran across these little cactus home decor pieces and there’s just something about them I love. Simplicity is key sometimes! These Porcelain Cacti would make the perfect addition to any southwestern inspired home without being overpowering. Can’t you just picture this decor gracing a guest bedroom with its presence? For some reason, I’ve always pictured my future home as being red and turquoise all over, but I’d like to have a guest room that is ivory, cream, and taupe. That being said…how perfect would these be in there? Bloomingville Porcelain Cactus – $20, Bloomingville Porcelain Cactus – $20, Bloomingville Porcelain Cactus – $20, Loving cactus collections? Check out this dinnerware set here!