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It’s time to let your competitive side show and earn the blue ribbon that you deserve! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or making your debut for the first time, showing can be stressful if you don’t get properly prepared. These tips will help you get in the winner’s circle every time!

10 Tips for the Blue Ribbon

  1. Work with a trainer. They’ll help you get prepared for your classes. It can also be helpful to have them coach you throughout the show!
  2. Attend a few shows without your horse. It’s a good idea to see what the classes are like ahead of time.
  3. Show one level lower than you school at home.
  4. Prep your horse trailer ahead of time, not the morning of the show. That includes checking it over for safety, tying up hay nets, loading tack, etc…
  5. Create a checklist of everything you need to bring. Go over it before you head out!
  6. Make sure your tack and equipment is legal. Study up on the rules ahead of time!
  7. Bathe your horse the night before, then cover them overnight with a sleazy and sheet.
  8. Show your respect to the judge by having clean tack, proper apparel, and a tidy horse.
  9. Arrive early and give yourself plenty of time to warm up. You’ll want your horse to get comfortable with their surroundings.
  10. Don’t school in gadgets and then expect your horse to perform without them on show day.

Hopefully, you’ll find these blue ribbon tips helpful! The more exposure you and your horse get the more your confidence will grow.