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Make the chop this year by giving yourself a bob. Luckily, these days getting a bob can mean a number of different styles. From chin-length to shoulder-length, here are a few of our favorite bob looks to draw inspiration from if you’re thinking of making the chop.

The Textured Bob

This look can be used with a bob or lob (long bob) depending on how short you want to go. The textured bob is perfect for those cowgirl who want a more casual, edgy, and playful look. The textured bob makes great second day hair, as well.


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The Bob with Baby Bangs

Can’t decide if you want bangs or a bob or both? This classic bob hairstyle features both looks in one. It has a soft feminine look, but also lends an edge that any cowgirl could wear.

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The Classic Bob

If you’re drawn to the likes of the classic bob look then that’s an easy transition because you know exactly what look you’re getting. It’s on the shorter side, unlike the lob.

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The Lob

Not looking to go too short? The Lob is like the Bob but longer; hence the longer bob. This haircut is perfect for the cowgirl who wants something a little shorter but not too short. The lob can be should-length or grazing your collar bone.

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The Asymmetrical Bob
This type of bob is fun and funky giving your hair an asymmetrical look with one side being just a little longer than the other. Though you can exaggerate it as much as you want!