Bob Feist Invitational cowgirl magazine
The 2017 winners of the Bob Feist Invitational All-Girl Challenge: Jackie Crawford and Annette Stahl. Photo courtesy of

The All-Girl Challenge at the BFI in Reno, NV is one of the toughest ladies-only ropings in the nation! It starts with the traditional enter-twice, four-round team roping and ends with two lucky ladies coming out on top! This year, Jackie Crawford and Annette Stahl brought home the money.


The first team shown in the video above is 3rd high-call, Megan White and Whitney Salvo. Whitney actually roped with a cast on because her thumb was cut off a few weeks prior. Talk about tough! The second team in the video is Beverly Robbins and Jessy Remsburg. The third pair shown in the video, high-call team, and winners of the roping are Jackie Crawford and Annette Stahl.

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