A Rodeo Q update looks like a brand new headquarters and—most exciting—a preview of their summer styles!

Lucky for me, I got to take a behind the scenes look before their grand opening which took place on the first weekend of April.

Thrilled by the opportunity, I couldn’t travel to Exeter, California, fast enough!

The new warehouse bleeds bold and bright much like Western fashion icon, Quincy Freeman, has in store for her summer styles.

“Bold statement pieces and bright colors. Keep your eyes peeled.” – Quincy Freeman

With vibrancy in mind, Freeman is also aiming her craft towards casual.

It’s no new news that many businesses are now mastering their work from home. What’s “going into work” these days? It’s gonna look like rocking some of Rodeo Q’s future styles. You can bet you’ll feel confident and comfortable behind your home working desk.

Now, I know what you may be thinking…Cute and comfortable? But how?

The answer: Statement pieces and a touch of Rodeo Q’s Western flare.

Not far off from brand roots, the new Rodeo Quincy warehouse is decked with history. Decorated with family photos, rodeo awards, and other meaningful antiques, the RQ headquarters has made designing easier and more modern.

Sticking with tradition, of course, Freeman still begins her sketches in old fashion—just using a pad and a pencil. But, the new technology at the warehouse takes her designs to the next level.

Photo courtesy of Kristin Ray Photography.

It’s like magic to see Freeman’s work go from a quick jot to a unique digital piece!