Photo courtesy @flowers.cactus on Instagram.……

Usually the bold, colorful and over the top hues of fauna catch our eye. But these clear succulents are a must have for our indoor plant collection. 

The transparent and very rare Hawthoria Cooperi is native to South Africa. This little succulent grows quite slowly in bushy clusters. The leaves grow is thick thumbs and become translucent at their tops. To make the leaves more clear, growers recommend placing the succulents in the shade for a few weeks. The plant will naturally want to become more transparent in order to filter light more efficiently. 

These are not the only variety of Hawthoria Cooperi. Different varieties are available at Amazon, Home Depot, Etsy and many more. 

Keep these clear succulents alive is fairly easy, just remember not to over water them. Succulents also do best in porous soils specifically developed for succulent growth. 

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