If you had the choice of wearing a stuffy tight dress or wearing a comfy blanket, which would you choose? The obvious choice would be a comfy blanket and that’s what it feels like when you wear a Pendleton cape. When I say, “cape,” I’m not talking Superman style, but more on the classy/Olivia Pope from Scandal type of cape. 😉

Capes and shawls are the ultimate comfy/chic piece for the chillier months. They can be worn with anything. If it’s not super chilly, just wear it with a tank or if you’re already freezing your bum off in mid October, you might consider a turtle neck! I’ve worn my cape with everything from boot cut jeans to skinnies and over the knee boots and loved every look.

Consider adding a cape, whether it’s Pendleton or not, to your fall/winter wardrobe.

Reversible Chaparral Cape