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Nothing like the bond between a girl and her horse.……

Most riders and owners want to develop a positive and loving bond with their horse. Once you gain their trust, your steed is likely to do anything for you! This amazing partnership is all about understanding how your horse communicates and speaking their language. With some tips and tricks, you can be your horse’s new best friend!

Try These Bonding Ideas

  • Spend extra time grooming your horse. Let them know you have brought them into the barn for more than just riding. It’s a great way to connect!

  • Offer them a treat or two! A simple carrot, apple or horse cookie will win over your horse’s belly (and heart).


  • Learn your horse’s body language. This will help you discover what they like and don’t.


  • Be a firm and consistent leader. Horses thrive on leadership. You can become the herd mare in this relationship, but always put their best interest in mind.

  • Try a few massage techniques on them. Most would love a deep rub or stretch!


  • Keep them healthy and happy. One of the best ways to show your horse you love them is to make sure their needs are being met. In time, they’ll see you as a caregiver and person of comfort!


  • Skip riding every once in a while. There are so many other activities to do with you horse, so mix it up! You can create an obstacle, hand graze them, go for a walk together, etc…

Like any relationship, it takes work. But trust me, it’s worth the effort!