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Winter bonnets for your horse are the latest fad. Some creative genius used their crafting skills to crotchet a winter beanie for their horse. And they’ve become a huge sensation! These little hats will keep your horse’s forelock tucked neatly underneath and out of their eyes. Their biggest purpose is to look adorable though.

With so many different designs and colors to choose from, you can easily match one to your tack. Try searching Etsy to find one of these custom bonnets.

PC: Cowgirl Crochet Design on Etsy

Cowgirl Crochet Design not only sells these cute pom pom bonnets for horses, but they also make hats for riders. You and your horse can have matching winter hats! A standard horse size and adult head will cost $50. You get to pick size, hat color, and pom pom color.

These would be so cute for your next horse photo shoot, trail ride, or winter show series! You and your horse will make a standout impression.

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