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Buck Brannaman is recognized as one of the world’s leading practitioners of handling horses.  His technique is based on classical concepts from the California vaquero tradition; working with the horse’s nature, using an understanding of how horses think and communicate to train the horse to accept humans, and work confidently and responsively with them.  His work has been made famous in such films as The Horse Whisperer and in the award-winning documentary Buck.  In the new book, Believe: A Horseman’s Journey, the celebrated “horse-whisperer” shares stories of the horses and their owners he’s been able to help through the clinics he’s held from coast to coast. 

Believe: A Horseman’s Journey is not simply a book for equestrians.  Teaching people to communicate with their horse through leadership and sensitivity, not punishment, is a principle that can be utilized in any relationship.  Author William Reynolds points out that many of the people who attend Buck’s clinics have never put a foot in a stirrup.  Believe: A Horseman’s Journey is a book about hope and kindness and finding satisfaction in the journey of life, no matter where you’re headed.  Readers are introduced to 13 remarkable individuals whose lives have been deeply affected by the time they’ve spent with the Wyoming horseman who has dared to show people a better way to deal with troubled creatures.


Reviewed by Chris Enss, COWGIRL Book Editor, and a New York Times best-selling author who writes about women of the Old West.