Simply Wood By Linda Suster (Stackpole Books, $18.59)……

Viking lore holds that the first man and woman were created from driftwood. The ash and elm wood used to make the pair were reported to have been exquisite and anyone who made items using the same type of driftwood would bring beauty to their home that would last forever. Author and home project enthusiast Linda Suster’s driftwood creations included in the book Simply Wood are examples of the beauty described in the tales of old. 

Suster was raised in Hawaii and spent a significant part of her childhood collecting shells, driftwood, and other natural materials that washed up on the beach. She had a knack for transforming those items into timeless décor pieces that added style to her home. In Simply Wood: Home Projects from Branches, Logs, and Other Found Wood, Suster shares with readers how to make works of art out of the tidewrack found on the shores or beach of a sea, lake, or river. 

Among the designs included in Simply Wood are vases, wind chimes, wall mirrors, garden planters, and candleholders. She shows readers how to make bookshelves, lamps, chunky tables, timepieces, and even chandeliers. Each project includes step-by-step instructions that are clear, easy to follow, and fully illustrated with color photographs. There’s a chapter on techniques to use for working with found wood and the tools and equipment needed to make each piece.

Simply Wood makes it simple for everyone to bring the beauty of nature into their home.