Tangled Times by Irene Bennett Brown (Gale, $25.95).……

Award winning author Irene Bennett Brown is a superb writer who continually produces work that is both engaging and wholesome.  Her latest historical novel entitled Tangled Times is a delight and will have readers rooting for the ambitious young couple at the center of the tale.

In 1901, Kansas newlyweds Jocelyn and Pete Pladson are determined to make Nickel Hill Ranch a successful cattle operation.  For that to happen, they must stop cattle rustlers who constantly plague their herds, defy a crazed woman with murder in her eye, and fight a major fire.  Meanwhile, two homeless youngsters land on their doorstep and they add both a challenge and a comfort to the couple.

Brown takes great care that her characters’ speech is true to form for the time period of her storyline.  Her description of the clothing and settings are spot on and she never fails to interject a bit of humor.  Brown definitely has a gift.  Tangled Times is a sweet tale that will touch the heart of even the most reserved reader.