By B.J. Daniels (Harlequin)

Someone is stalking Ainsely Hamilton and that someone wants to kill her.  Enter Sawyer Nash, a horseback riding, body guard masquerading as an extra on a commercial shoot.  Who hired the handsome protector and why Ainsley’s life is in danger is part of the intrigue that fuels Honor Bound by author B. J. Daniels.  Ainsely is a self-sufficient, hardworking, film location scout, and the daughter of an accomplished politician.  The fact that her father is a candidate for president might have something to do with why she’s in danger and then again maybe not.  Sawyer has to figure out what is going on and in order to do that he has to get close to the woman he’s tasked to watch over.  The chemistry between Sawyer and Ainsely is palpable and irresistible.  Honor Bound is steamy, page-turning mystery; perfectly suited for those who feel the thrill is gone, the fire is out, and the electric blanket is the only hot thing in the boudoir.