By Amy Stewart (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

Life as the only female law enforcement officer with the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department in New Jersey in 1915 wasn’t easy for Constance Kopp.  She had to overcome a mountain of prejudice before being allowed to carry a badge and then she had to on a daily basis, prove herself worthy of the job.  When an ailing fugitive escapes while on her watch, the tenacious woman believes it’s her duty to track the criminal down.  Author Amy Stewart once again delights readers with a thrilling tale about the Kopp sisters; three independent women forced to make their way alone after their parents die.  The Kopp sisters were first introduced in Stewart’s fiction debut Girl Waits with Gun.  Lady Cop Makes Trouble is the thoroughly entertaining sequel to that tale.  The sisters are much more confident about their life’s pursuits in Lady Cop Makes Trouble, but their efforts to break free from the traditional roles society sees them playing are still a struggle.  Inspired by the true story of three women who become amateur sleuths this book has it all; intrigue, drama, and suspense.  Only Constance continues to pursue a career as a detective in the follow up book.  Norma is the president of a pigeon society and Fleurette longs to be an actress.  All three utilize their talents to help solve a spine-tingling murder mystery.