Heart on the Line Karen Witemeyer Cowgirl Magazine
Heart on the Line by Karen Witemeyer.

Heart on the Line is a charming romance of dots and dashes that takes place in the Old West in the 1880s.  Of course, it doesn’t begin that way.  Grace Mallory is a Western Union telegraph operator in Harper’s Station, Texas.  Tragic events brought her to the community where she hoped she might find peace and happiness.  She finds comfort in the new friends she made and intrigue in a mysterious someone she communicates with over the wire.  Grace and this unknown man share hopes and dreams not conveyed to anyone but each other.  Just as the couple are set to meet in person, Grace receives a telegraph message warning her that her life is in danger. 

Bestselling author Karen Witemeyer has a smooth writing style that allows readers to fully engage with the story.  She has a delightful sense of humor that reveals itself at the most appropriate times.  Heart on the Line is the second book set in the location of Harper’s Station.  It’s a town rich with character and heart in which readers will find so pleasing they’ll consult their maps in search of just such a spot. 

There are plot twists and perils galore in Heart on the Line.  Will the object of Grace’s affections rescue her from certain harm or will she be disconnected?  Readers will not be disappointed by the romantic answer.