By Tracie Peterson (Bethany House)

Curtis Billingham is a Montana prospector who has fallen on hard times.  The high hopes he once had that his sapphire mine would be a success has dwindled and the dreams he had for a home and a family of his own were lost the day his true love married a wealthy, New York socialite.  All Curtis has are a couple of wonderful friends who have allowed him to stay with them until he gets on his feet and his faith that God will see him through.  Clara Vesper is a distraught widow with two children being doggedly pursued by her deceased husband’s wealthy brother.  In spite of the pressure she receives from her friends and neighbors to marry, Clara longs to return to Montana where she remembers being most happy.  She won’t be allowed to travel West with her children without a fight from her husband’s family.  It isn’t until she sees Curtis that Clara becomes convinced things might work out for the best, but powerful forces threaten to keep them from becoming close.  In the book A Love Transformed, Curtis and Clara struggle to realize love isn’t something you find.  Love is something that finds you.  The dilemmas the couple faced can be solved only by a belief that God has a plan.  Author Tracie Peterson has created an achingly beautiful romance set in the American West.  The courageous characters must endure the rough terrain, troubled pasts, and persistent suitors before they can entertain the thought of being together.  It may all be too much to overcome.  A Love Transformed is inspirational and sweet.