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Reminiscent of nineteenth-century British explorer Isabella Bird’s trek up Longs Peak in the Rocky Mountains with mountain man Jim Nugent, A View Most Glorious is the story of a strong-willed woman named Coraline Baxter and her determination to climb Mount Rainier to raise awareness for the suffrage movement in the late 1890s.  She needs help getting to the top, and that’s where rugged outdoorsman Nathan Hardee comes in.  Hardee is reluctant at first to escort her on the journey, but the pay he’s to receive for the job convinces him to accept the challenge.  

There’s a lot more at stake on the venture for Coraline than bringing attention to the proposition that women should have the right to vote.  She has agreed with her mother that if she fails to make it to the summit, she’ll curtail her involvement with the Tacoma Washington Suffrage Association and marry the man selected for her.  

The expedition proves to be grueling, and, en route, Coraline and Nathan grow to have feelings for one another.  The guide, his team of experts, the suffragette, and her entourage endure harsh weather, rough terrain, rockslides, and more before reaching the top of the mountain.  The spectacular scene from the summit does not disappoint, but Coraline’s view of her life now includes more than securing the vote for women.  Her focus shifts to the rough mountaineer who risked a great deal to help her realize her goal.