In Along Came a Cowgirl: Daring and Iconic Women of the Rodeo and Wild West Shows, New York Times best-selling author Chris Enss introduces readers to the world of the early rodeo—and to the stories of the women whose names resounded in rodeo arenas across the nation in the early twentieth century.  These cowgirls dared to break society’s traditional roles in the male dominated rodeo and trick riding world.

Some of the iconic cowgirls included in the book are Prairie Rose Henderson, Fox Hastings, Lucille Mulhall, and Ruth Roach. With the desire to entertain crowds and armed with grit and determination, these talented bronc riders, trick ropers, and steer wrestlers were able to saddle up and follow their dreams.  Along Came a Cowgirl includes a foreword by COWGIRL Magazine Editor and Publisher Ken Amorosano.