No matter how bad a day you’ve had, there’s always someone waiting for you in the barn.  There’s wisdom to be learned from that someone, too. That’s the idea behind author Cara Whitney’s uplifting book Country Soul.  Life brings so many hardships, from failed marriages to lost jobs, and from health crises to broken relationships.  Whitney’s real-life stories show how to stay strong despite those obstacles and how to gain insight from them in the pages of Country Soul.  

 Whitney lives on a ranch in Nebraska with her husband Dan (aka the comedian, “Larry the Cable Guy”) and the wisdom she shares from the horse farm is insightful and encouraging.  One of the tales involves a once abused horse named Cupcake.  Whitney likened her ability to gain the animal’s trust to God’s attempts to get close to us.  Other stories in the book include a horse whisperer who speaks healing to animals and humans, an accomplished equestrian who gets bucked off his high horse, and the owner of a stubborn broodmare who learns the true meaning of following the Master.  Stunning photographs of sprawling farms and their resident horses accompany Whitney’s stirring stories.   

Country Soul is a treasure, and the life lessons are exhilarating.