Eight Keys to Developing the Horse That’s Right for You

The American Quarter Horse Association defines a superhorse as a horse that is versatile and performs well in many areas. Since 1978, the title of Superhorse has been the most prestigious award at the AQHA World Championship. Author Lynn Palm has trained and shown four horses that captured the Superhorse title, and her book Finding Your Superhorse is about that experience and what others should do to achieve the same goal for their talented rides. 

Palm is an expert who has spent six decades working with exceptional horses and their riders and teaching them how to best show off the animal’s skills in competition. She provides eight lessons on how to tap the true potential in every horse, shares how to overcome the inevitable challenges in training, and teaches methods to present the horse in equestrian sport. According to Palm, “I believe we can all have a Superhorse of our own – the horse that does it all…. It doesn’t matter which breed you prefer or whether you’re eventing or ranch riding – a horse with a good attitude, current movement, healthy biomechanics, and conscientious conditioning will take you farther for longer, and you’ll enjoy every minute of it.” 

Finding Your Superhorse includes an array of colorful images and delightful and inspirational stories from the author’s years in the field.  It is an exceptional resource for serious horse trainers.