Award-winning journalist and author Sebring Davis and celebrated photographer Audrey Hall have combined their talents to create an exquisite pictorial that features homes designed by JLF Architects entitled Foundations.  JLF Architects was founded more than forty years ago and is based in Bozeman, Montana, and Jackson, Wyoming.  The homes showcased in Foundations are in both states and represent exemplary style and fine craftmanship.  The beautifully photographed book focuses on the traditional materials JLF uses when creating home designs, and the finished product is a mixture of elegant simplicity and rustic charm. 

Foundations is lavish, informative, and an inspired collection of houses with floorplans open to spectacular views of magnificent mountains, glistening rivers, and vast horizons.  Fans of timber framing and natural stone will be particularly impressed with the blend throughout each home.  They’ll also appreciate the details of the work where stone meets wood and glass, and the connection of inside to outside.  Gorgeous joinery dots every page of the book and the way Davis and Hall structure the descriptions and pictures of JLF’s creations is inspired. 

Foundations’ concise, informative text and fresh, radiant photographs ensure that this book is perfect for architectural students, professionals, design aficionados, and anyone who dreams of building such a home of their own.