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Spur Award winning author and illustrator Jean Abernethy has been making readers laugh for two decades with her creation, Fergus the Horse.  

What the Dilbert cartoon strip is to engineers, the Fergus cartoon strip is to horse owners and riders.  The charmingly imperfect “everyman’s equine” unites everyone with an eye for a horse and need for a laugh.  

It’s Been 20 Years Fergus is Abernethy’s latest compilation of the skittish horse’s comedic adventures.  Fans of Fergus will be pleased that a selection of their favorite comic strips featuring the ageless steed has been included in the new book.  They’ll be equally thrilled to learn that Abernethy has created several new cartoons exclusively to commemorate Fergus’s twentieth anniversary in print.   

Abernethy’s talent for making horse lovers laugh has been acknowledged with awards from Western Writers of America and American Horse Publications.  

Readers of all ages–from five to 95–will be delighted by Fergus’s wit, honesty, and profoundly funny observations on horses, humor, and the life they strive to live together.  

It’s Been 20 Years Fergus is a rollicking good time.