lady of the law cowgirl magazine

Since becoming sheriff of the quaint town of Dry Creek, California, in the early 1870s, Maude Overstreet strived to keep citizens safe and maintain order in her own quirky, but effective way. In the newest novel about the unique and less than graceful public official entitled Lady of the Law, Sheriff Overstreet finds herself on the trail of a felon who set fire to the school and the livery.  In addition to tracking an arsonist, she witnessed a shooting and is being pressured by town council members to get to the bottom of the crimes.  

Life isn’t all work for the sheriff. When not on duty, she helps her friends with their campaigns for local office and spends time with the handsome new schoolmaster who recently moved to the area.  Groves’ Sheriff Overstreet is a strong, but vulnerable woman and readers will cheer for a happy and romantic ending for the lady of the law.  

Lady of the Law is light and fun reading. It’s utterly charming and enjoyable.