Maverick Heart: Wild Cow Ranch 1 by Natalie Bright and Denise F. McAllister (CKN Christian Pu…

Carli Jameson is the co-owner of a struggling horse training business who hopes winning a prestigious equestrian show will help gain clients.  She eagerly anticipates she and her horse Beau will do well in the competition and that her professional pursuits will improve.   Little did Carli know the day of the show Beau would be drugged by an unscrupulous rival and that her boyfriend would leave her for the rival.  If that weren’t enough, she learned her biological mother had committed suicide, she’d inherited the Wild Cow Ranch in Texas, and that the inheritance was being challenged in court.  It’s a tsunami of heartbreak in a twenty-four-hour period, but Carli has faith in God, and although she doesn’t always understand how He works she trusts He will see her through.  

Maverick Heart, the charming new novel by Natalie Bright and Denise F. McAllister, takes readers on an action-packed journey from the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, to the Texas Panhandle with a host of characters tied to the Wild Cow Ranch and a new owner seeking to find her place on the twenty-two thousand acres spread.  Family secrets are uncovered, loyalties are challenged, and deep hurts exposed.  How hearts mend and dreams are realized make Maverick Heart an absolute treasure.  

Reviewed by Chris Enss, COWGIRL Book Editor, and a New York Times best-selling author who writes about women of the Old West.