riders of a certain age cowgirl magazine

Surveys show that riders over the age of 40 are the fastest-growing segment of the horse world, with those 65 and above seeing the biggest jump.  Since “60 is the new 40,” finding women in their 70s sitting in the saddle is almost routine. There are dozens of books, magazines, websites, and videos about horse training and riding techniques, but few of them address things that specifically concern “riders of a certain age”. From author and career horse lover, Fran Severn, the book Riders of a Certain Age teaches mature riders all they need to know before climbing into the saddle.

Among the helpful chapters in Severn’s book include tips for finding the perfect riding instructor, fitness and exercise, proper equipment, and therapies for strength and endurance. There’s also advice on dealing with the not-unreasonable fears that come with putting yourself on the back of a very large creature that thinks and communicates in its own language.  

Severn’s writing style is witty and insightful. Whether a newcomer to the horse world or a returning rider, readers will appreciate the wisdom of Riders of a Certain Age.