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There are those across the country that work in acres, not in hours.  And they believe farming is not merely an occupation or a job, but a tradition, a heritage.  Those farmers also know these days consumers are watching how they raise the food we eat.  They are keenly aware that customers want affordable food produced in a way that protects the environment for generations to come and concentrates on the high standards in animal care.  It’s with that in mind that authors Bruce Miller, Claudine Arndt, and Kate Cannon wrote the book The Farmer and the Chef: Farm Fresh Minnesota Recipes and Stories.  

The Farmer and the Chef is a curated collection of chef-driven recipes using farm fresh ingredients.  Knowing that food tastes better when it arrives straight from the farm, the creators of the recipes strive to help cooks everywhere create delicious meals using fresh, seasonal ingredients.  The 297-page volume begins with an array of breakfast items to make, including Swedish pancakes with Lingonberry sauce, chorizo biscuits and gravy, and savory morning crepes.  For lunch there are recipes for a rosemary focaccia sandwich with roasted sweet corn and chevre, collard wraps with garden pesto, and corn chowder.  The dinner recipes are just as varied and appetizing.  In the chapter entitled “Suppertime”, ambitious chefs can choose from dishes such as herb roasted chicken with farro risotto, orange butter-roasted carrots with buttermilk ranch dressing, and turkey quinoa burgers.   And then there’s dessert with recipes for strawberry rhubarb cobbler and Viennese apple strudel.  

The Farmer and the Chef doesn’t limit itself to just recipes.  Mixed in with the scrumptious dishes are stories from farmers across the state of Minnesota about their work, their farming methods, and the land itself.  Chock full of beautiful photographs, The Farmer and the Chef: Farm Fresh Minnesota Recipes and Stories is a mouthwatering delight.