flower infused cocktail cowgirl magazine

Born out of a passion for flowers, author and entrepreneur Alyson Brown’s book introduces readers to sixty flora cocktails that will take your new year’s toasts to the next level. Flower bouquets look tasty, but usually aren’t thought relative to a beverage.  There are, however, several types of edible flowers that work well in a drink. The Flower-Infused Cocktail is a guide for understanding just how to use those flowers in a cocktail. 

Among the many recipes for crafting unique drinks are the Scarlet Begonia featured in a chapter on base spirit infused thirst-quenchers, the Lavender Laventini is in the chapter on bitters and tinctures, and the Elderflower Under My Umbrella drink in the chapter on cordials, liqueurs, shrubs, and syrups.  In addition to the recipes, Brown provides the history and folklore behind the flowers used in each of the cocktails.  She’s also included a chapter on how to build your own bar from the best tools to use to effectively mix drinks, the proper glassware to serve those drinks, and the herbs and spices need to enhance their flavor. 

Flowers need not be accompanied by alcohol to be flavorful. In the chapter entitled Marvelous Mocktails, readers will find a handful of recipes for floral teas, coffees, punch, and limeade. 

The Flower-Infused Cocktail is visually stunning.  The color photographs that accompany the recipes are irresistible.  Aspiring mixologist will enjoy this whimsical, creative, easy-to-read manual to celebrating flowers beyond the vase.