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Meghan Callahan was just like most girls her age.  She enjoyed being outdoors, spending time with her friends, and, most of all, horseback riding. Her parents lovingly noted that she was “horse crazy.”  Horses offered a whole new view of the world and Meghan wanted that.  She becomes a confident rider on the back of a horse named Savannah, a gift given to her by her best friend’s grandfather, who was also teaching her to ride.  On the back of the free horse, Meghan blossoms into a confident and capable young woman.  With that newfound confidence she dares to dream of competing for rodeo princess. 

Author Susan Carpenter Noble’s book, The Free Horse is the perfect read for “horse lovers” of all ages.  The next best thing to riding one of those magnificent creatures is reading about them and how they transform lives.  The Free Horse is not only an uplifting tale about how a special animal can make all the difference in a young person’s life, but it’s also about friendship.  When Meghan makes the acquaintance of a girl with special needs, she and Savannah decide it’s their job to lift her spirits and help her realize her dream.  Meghan’s selfless act will endear herself to readers.