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The Horse Lover’s Encyclopedia: An A to Z Guide to All Things Equine edited by Jessie Haas.

You’ll need a reliable reference guide to determine if a Connemara would make a good gift for a young rider or if your horse’s photic headshaking is cause for concern.  You’ll also want a trustworthy source book to figure out the proper length of an off-side billet or if you should feed your mare silage. 

To learn everything you can about your horse, you’ll need The Horse Lovers Encyclopedia: An A to Z Guide to All Things Equine.  This engaging, scholarly volume not only includes definitions of words and phrases used in the equestrian field, but training secrets and recent medical procedures and treatments for injuries and illnesses. 

There’s an informative section on how to use a packhorse (and which breeds make the best packhorses), detailed instructions on how to make a quick-release knot, and a glossary of racing terms.

Stunning photographs, charcoal drawn images, colored diagrams, and comprehensive charts not only make gaining knowledge a pleasure, but pique one’s interest to know more.  There are more than 1,700 entries in The Horse Lovers Encyclopedia, making it an essential book to have in every tack-room, veterinary clinic, and stable.

Reviewed by Chris Enss, COWGIRL Book Editor, and a New York Times Bestselling author who writes about women of the Old West. 


The Horse Lover’s Encyclopedia
Price: $25.44 , Storey Publishing