"The Secret Life of Bees" by Moira Butterfield.……

The Secret Life of Bees by Moira Butterfield is part science, part history, part folklore, and all fun. Butterfield covers all aspects of bees, providing readers with important facts about the colorful insects including their habits, hives, and talent for making honey. Readers of all ages will be captivated by the endless wonders of this seemingly small speck of the animal kingdom.  

The Secret Life of Bees includes facts about the duties of the queen bee, the drones, workers, and life within the colony. The author explains the reason bees perform the “waggle dance”, how they carry pollen from one flower to the next, and how many types of bees there are in the world.   The book also contains bee tales from Greece, India, Thailand, and Africa. Butterfield describes the job of a beekeeper, when bees hibernate, and even how the life of bees can be sustained at a time when the bees’ habitat is being threatened.  

The Secret Life of Bees is smart and whimsical. The wonderful illustrations by Vivian Mineker adds to the beauty and charm of this delightful book.